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Committed to working in collaborative environments to form partnerships that drive digital innovation and excellence.

Decision Support for Recycling of e-Waste

Received funding from the Remade Institute, to develop a decision support framework (DSF) for e-waste recycling and refurbishment. The DSF provides insights on questions important to the industry and will improve industry performance  by providing a system-level understanding of e-waste recycling supply chains from local to continental scales.

Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation (DNN) Program

The development of new advanced reactors (Gen IV) increases the importance of new methods to understand diversion and misuse scenarios, and determine mitigation pathways. INL is developing a complete digital twin framework for safeguards by design. This provides the opportunity for comprehensive understanding of nuclear fuel cycle facility operations to significantly strengthen nuclear safeguards and nonproliferation regime.

Land Suitability for Production of Dedicated Bioenergy Crops

A geospatial multi-criteria site suitability framework was developed to support decision making for incorporating bioenergy crop production within agricultural landscapes.

Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Light Water Reactor Sustainability (LWRS) Program has been a pioneer in introducing AI methods to automate human activities for the nuclear energy sector, as the program has recognized the potential of AI for enabling great cost savings for nuclear plants. The program works directly with the nuclear power industry.

National Reactor Innovation Center (NRIC) Program

The National Reactor Innovation Center (NRIC) leads new advanced demonstration projects using a model-based systems engineering approach. SysML and LML models are developed and traced to traditional requirements artifacts to realize this vision. Activity models are integrated with Discrete Event and Monte Carlo simulation to check for correctness, integrate cost and schedule, and monitor expected performance. NRIC is working to develop integrations between MBSE, engineering, operations, and traditional CAD software to enable a full digital thread in design.

Transformational Challenge Reactor (TCR) Program

INL is assisting in the development of the requirements and definition of design-agnostic digital platform that will support the TCR core manufacturing and overall program goals. The digital platform consists of design data, modeling data, in-situ data, ex-situ data, and integral test data as well as established links between these five categories.

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